18 July 2011

Sharon Osbourne (A Guest Blogger Post)

Thanks for the article from Glenda Hanson

You know who I have really come to like? Sharon Osbourne. I know crazy right? When did she become an actress and judge? Who would have guessed that a wild woman that married Ozzy Osbourne would become a gracious lady who is helping decide who has the best talent?

Well that is who she has become. I think she presents herself with great character and poise. She is always so well dressed and her makeup is always well done. She does wear more makeup than I would care to wear but on her, it looks great. Her critiques of the contestants seem right on. I was watching her on my satellite tv, that I got after getting http://www.directstartv.com, last night and her display of emotions when that young girl sang was so real. It made me feel like I was there as I cried along with her.

I wonder where I can find out who does her hair? I would like to get some tips to make my hair look that. I like the color and the style. Although I think I may keep it a tad bit less red. That may look funny on my darker skin. But who knows, maybe it wouldn't. I will have to ask my hair stylist what she thinks.

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She is interesting isn't she