05 May 2011

Thursday Thunks

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1. Name 5 famous people that you wouldn't be you without them. Huh. This is the toughest one of the bunch for me. I've admired different people over time, and I suppose a lot of them have contributed a bit here and there to who I am or how I act/look. But I can't really think of five specific famous people to credit for it.

2. So yeah, did you hear Osama is dead? If you could take any letter out of the alphabet and have it never ever used again, which letter would it be? None of em! I love words, and therefore have to love letters!

3. If you were to swallow a guitar pick, would you tell anyone? Probably. I'm always down for a good story.

4. My tummy hurts. Do you know anyone that eats strange things like toilet paper, chalk or some other off the wall thing that shouldn't be eaten?
Not personally...

5. Whats your favorite kind of noodle?
I'd have to say macaroni, by association. Maggie always orders macaroni and cheese (even when places make it with a noodle other than macaroni - just sayin!).

6. So yeah, back to this Osama stuff. When someone says "the event that everyone will remember where they were when they heard the news", what event do you think of? September 11. Duh.

7. Someone last week mentioned that I don't have to have exactly 10 questions, so should I stop here? That would be fine...

8. Name 5 not-famous people that you wouldn't be you without them. Just five? My mom, my dad, my brother, my best friend from high school, my husband (current, just so there's no confusion), and Maggie...uh-oh, that's already six!


I am Harriet said...

Sept 11- duh- good one!

Have a great day!

siteseer said...

these questions involve waay to much thought. Not up to it lol