18 May 2011


As if the new house wasn't enough excitement, I'm still getting more pregnant every day too! Tomorrow is the 'big' ultrasound, where they'll check the anatomy, do the fetal echocardiogram, and hopefully be able to confidently discern the gender!

A couple weeks ago we went looking at new strollers, since Maggie is now asking to ride in the stroller when we go to the mall or anything. Our old one works, but if we're signing on for a few more years, I'd rather have a better one. I think hubby is picturing something like the baby jogger city select, but I'd be happy with a nicer umbrella stroller (we have the $20 version now).

What's your favorite feature in a baby stroller? Besides wanting it to roll and corner smoothly, we both really want it to be a bit taller. Right now it's killing me to have to bend over and push it, frequently while still carrying my purse or whatever else, since there's nowhere to stash stuff. Easy folding/opening is also mandatory. Do you love your stroller? What is it?


Fighting Mama said...

You want it fit through a doorway. If its a jogger, thue new baby cant be in it til they are 6 mos old so keep that in mind. I know folks with the baby jogger city mini double and love it. If you want taller, consider maclaren. I have a volo, super lightweight but the techno might be more durable although not sure if it can take an infant carrier?

siteseer said...

no ideas here. are you looking at a double stroller?