17 May 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


These blasted allergies can quit anytime now. Really.

At least I still have an artichoke in the fridge. I love boiling it and then having the super-yummy meat dipped in butter. Really, really love.

Anyone else playing Zombie Lane on Facebook? Let me know - I need more neighbors :)

There are sure enough less and less boxes left in the house every day. I just wish I felt better to get it all done faster. It's satisfying each time I cut the tape on the bottom of another box and flatten it to put in the garage. Only slightly less satisfying when I can hardly fit past the gigantic pile of boxes to get to my car ;)

Maggie is loving Trosclair and the Alligator. They've read it a few times on Between the Lions, so when I saw it at the library yesterday I grabbed it for her. She made me read it twice yesterday, then her daddy read it once, then she asked for it at bedtime and he asked her to pick another book. She also will make me pretend to be Gargantua and talk with an accent (cuz Gargantua be a bayou alligator, dontcha know?).

Our trash pick-up was rejected yesterday because the can was too big. Never mind the fact that they'll actually take twelve of those cans at a time. They left the one we did put out. :(
Task last night - new garbage can. Status - accomplished.


Wendy said...

You can use my dumpster. Enjoy the drive :) Will Canada let you through the border with a vehicle full of trash?

Happy Tuesday :)

Anonymous said...

Randy and I made the same mistake with the first garbage can we put out as well.

siteseer said...

our can is about 32 gallons, but usually because we have tall kitchen garbage bags in there they just open it and pull the bags out. Wendy... Canada should let us through... they bring enough trash to the USA