12 April 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I miss the warm weather we had for a whole day already :(

I think I may have found a good preschool for Maggie by the new house. I'm figuring out what day this week to head out that way again. This time we'll have a school to visit, and a friend staying near there to do lunch with.

I totally should take a shower before I go do my chocolate show tonight. Just sayin...

I also keep forgetting to go to the mall and get Maggie's picture taken with the bunny. We totally missed it last year with everything else going on - I really want to get it done this year!

Yesterday at the store I got some cool plastic eggs that look like chocolate ones. I wanted to use them for a booking game at my show tonight. But I'm not sure where they are now. Hopefully on the counter in plain sight....

I realized during my customer service calls today that one of my favorite hostesses (and a good friend!) who moved in the fall is going to be pretty close to our new house - yay!! It's always nice to find new (existing) connections in a strange new world ;)


siteseer said...

glad to hear about her new school. And a friend in a foreign land is a good thing lol. Okay, maybe not a foreign land, but close :)

Tammy said...

Maggie is going to love preschool.