08 April 2011

Plan Ahead?

Plan ahead? Now why would I do that? Hahahaha....

I remember saying in school that I worked best under pressure...some things never change! Right now I'm totally focused on relaxing and having a great weekend at the water park. We're meeting friends there, and I know everyone is excited for the party to get started!

Monday, however, the conference calls kick back in. And to really add just a bit more pressure, I'm actually running the call on Monday night. It'll be about hostess coaching. Help me out - if you have home shows, what would you like the consultant to do for you to help you be prepared for your show? I'm mainly talking about following up frequently and providing exact information about what to expect both in writing and verbally over the phone. Email is great, but too often there's no confirmation that it's understood or even received! Postal mail followed up by phone is the surest way I've found to communicate information, unless your first emails are returned promptly and enthusiastically.

I figure I've got most of the day Monday to work out an outline and brush up what exactly I want to say. Besides, I work best under pressure, right? :P

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