02 April 2011

Now What?

Hehehehe...I am SO verbose when I'm driving by myself. I could have written blog posts to the moon and back while driving a couple hours to and from my chocolate party tonight. Now? I've suddenly got nothing....

The party went well. You know how sometimes you meet people and they're 'your kind' of people? We just all clicked. It's always a really fun confidence booster. They laughed at my jokes, individuals took it as I intended when I was just teasing them, and then I talked to someone who may be interested in joining my team on top of it all! Not the highest dollar sales I've ever had, but definitely a very pleasant evening :)

Earlier in the day we got to hang out at my niece's second birthday party. I was quite thrilled to pretty much gorge myself on BBQ (YUM). And then we got to top it off with cake and moose tracks ice cream - one of my favorites! I had to leave before presents were opened, but I was told the kids had a great time riding around the house in O's new wagon :) I really hope lots of pictures turn up - it sounds like they were having plenty of fun!

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siteseer said...

O's going to love her new 'lawnmower' when she can take it outside. I think we're going to skip spring this year and go right into summer :)