08 April 2011

Dear Masters of the Universe

I think the Masters of the Universe must be on the other side of the world from Michigan. Just look at the seasons. We all travel to see all the family members we can find in some of the biggest blizzards of the year around Christmas. In the spring, it is never quite warm enough for little girls to wear the sleeveless dresses they put on the racks for Easter.

More importantly, the best dress-up holiday of the whole year doesn't come until the warm weather has passed and we need coats. What's the point of having revealing adult halloween costumes if you have to wear a jacket (and scarf, hat and mittens) that cover them up?

I've heard the weather is usually the opposite on the other side of the world, so they must have things going just right. No traffic problems over the winter holidays, plenty of sunshine and warm weather for spring finery, and pleasant Halloween weather when you can comfortably wear whatever you want...Whoever is in charge of all this, it doesn't seem they care a hoot for Michigan!

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