08 April 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Great news - Applebee's lunch special that I love is good Monday - Saturday. (I thought it was just weekdays...). You get unlimited soup and salad. You can pick if you want the salads with meat or without, for a couple dollars difference. And then get comfortable - you can choose a different soup and salad from the list for each go 'round! I just stay and keep eating til Maggie gets too bored :D
  2. I got a great big Laffy Taffy while I was grocery shopping yesterday because it just looked good. It is very good.
  3. For the first day this week, we have nothing to do until this evening. Well, nothing outside the house anyway. It'll be a very good day to just chill out while getting laundry done and making a new recipe for dinner.
  4. Why do they play Sprout commercials on regular PBS? Believe or not, my child does not make our cable decisions. For realz.
  5. Hahahaha.....not having anywhere I have to be during the day has me sort of disoriented - I feel like I'm forgetting something!
  6. Hey - if you need any Partylite, leave me a comment or message me TODAY - I need a couple more orders on my party to get what I want for free from my party last night :D (More on this in a later post...)
  7. I kind of can't believe it's raining AGAIN...
  8. I'm so excited about the leftover chicken dip for last night, that I might have lunch very soon ;)
  9. I finally turned our grandfather clock's chimes back on. I like em.
  10. Hmm....this Laffy Taffy is a really yummy appetizer before my deliciously unhealthy chicken dip :D

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