30 March 2011

Welcome Home, Dad!

So my poor parents had a bit of extra adventure tacked onto the end of their vacation last week. On nearly the last day of their trip, the RV wouldn't start. Thankfully they've got 5th wheel insurance, which towed the beast to a repair shop. My mom headed home (since she's not retired yet and her office expected her back after vacation) and my dad waited for the motorhome to be fixed. And waited. And waited. Then he waited one more day for a vital part they needed to order.

Finally, I talked to him today and he's on the road on his way home! He was really amused when the shop called him and said they'd forgotten to write down the mileage and wanted him to drive back. The joke was on them - he was already a couple states away! Maybe they'll be more careful not to forget something important to them in the future ;)

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siteseer said...

I had to deal with the same bubble head today. Talk about a B#@ch!!! If she still has a job tomorrow it will not be for lack of trying on my part. If you don't want to work don't walk through the door!!!! Rude people should not be in customer service! I do seem to have 'opinions' today :)