26 March 2011


On Thursday, Maggie and I were part of a busy house-hunting schedule. We met hubby on his lunch from work to see a house just a couple miles from his office, then she and I had a few hours to wait before meeting hubby and our realtor after office hours. Originally we were going to just stroll around a local mall, but I ended up parked by the cinema, and realized we'd been wanting to see Rango as we walked into the mall. Luckily it was starting just 20 minutes after we arrived, and matinee tickets were only $5 each!

Before I give my opinion of the movie, I have to disclose that part of the reason a movie looked so appealing was because I was tired. Maggie had the stroller, but I didn't really want to be on my feet for nearly four hours just looking around. Two hours in a cushy movie seat sounded like an excellent break for me! That being said, I admittedly 'rested my eyes' a few times during the move. Sorry, Johnny Depp - please don't take it personally! Maggie and I were the only two in the theater - I don't think I've ever had that happen before, and I don't think it was any reflection on the movie, just on the fact that there weren't many cinema patrons at 2PM on an average Thursday afternoon.

The movie was a fun twist on a regular animated feature. There were a few parts where I laughed at the adult-type humor that Maggie didn't get. She gets so mad at me when that happens, but it just makes me giggle more. Maggie said her favorite part was when Rango's had caught on fire. I believe this is also a part of one of the previews, as she told me about it at the very beginning. She keeps telling everyone about her favorite part, and asking about their favorite part, frequently not understanding that most of the world has not seen the movie ;)

Overall, the movie is about a 'domesticated' lizard who wants to be a screenwriter/actor. While traveling in an aquarium in the back of a vehicle, the aquarium falls off the vehicle and shatters, leaving Rango for the first time a 'wild' lizard. He tries to get right into the role in his new desert community. After casting himself as a hero, he figures out the role may not be all it's cracked up to be. Of course a happy ending prevails and Rango and his friends save the day, while he also wins the girl, of course. Watching Rango was a great way to spend an afternoon :)


Anonymous said...

Joel and I liked it too! Want to see "Hop" together?


Becki said...

Yes! I totally want to see Hop, and Maggie is already talking about it :)

siteseer said...

I envy you an opportunity for an afternoon nap. Great idea on your part. The movie sounds cute.