22 March 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I need direction. Random feels so...random. At least on Fridays I can number to ten and know where to start and when to end. This? Could just go on and on. Like Maggie talking about waking up and finding presents from Santa for her, and her daddy, and her mommy. Yes - I've heard this story multiple times this week.

One of the kid's books we have from the library is flagged for a two-week due date. Usually that happens with the holiday books for the closest holiday (like if this were an Easter book). It's Harold and the North Pole. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a really bad joke about the weather we're expecting or what.

I got an order today from out-of-state from someone who found my website through the internet. Big time yay! My unhealthy addiction regular monitoring of internet stuff is paying off :)

I'm excited to have plans tomorrow with friends we haven't seen in a couple weeks. And then lunch with hubby on Thursday. Always nice to spend some unexpected time with the sexiest man I know (Thursday, not Wednesday, that is!).

Does anyone use Creative Memories StoryBook Creator software? I just got the demo that I'm totally looking forward to playing with later on. And assuming I like that, I'm getting the full version which is on sale this month for just $44.95! If you are using it...your advice?

A mere few ounces of Cherry Coke have taken the edge off of my headache. I'm pretty sure it's actually my neck that's out of whack. I did switch my mouse hand at the same time I started the Cherry Coke. Regardless of what gets credit, I'm glad to be feeling a bit better!

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Tammy said...

Congrats on the internet sale! You are doing a great job with your business.