27 March 2011

Plans for the Week

The weekend was great! Maggie especially enjoyed getting on stage - repeatedly - with the Fairy Queen at our fairy tea on Saturday :) But now it's back to the grind...

  • Monday AM - Dentist appointment for me. If Maggie does well watching, we'll schedule cleanings for both of us ASAP.
  • Tuesday - Find a Carter's store as close as possible. When we were at a mall (about an hour away) a couple weeks ago, we got most of a discount card filled up...by spending $20 on Tuesday, I'll have another $10 FREE. What a great way to get a jump on summer clothes for Maggie.
  • Wednesday - Still need to call a friend, but hopefully meeting up downtown for lunch.
  • Thursday - Since we've missed gymnastics the last few weeks, I'd really love to give Maggie a chance to run around at open gym, which is held several times on Thursdays.
  • Friday - Welcome to April! Doctor's appointment and start packing/gearing up for chocolate parties on Saturday and Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I just raided the local Carters. Lots of cute spring and summer gear. And they have good deals. Love it!! shannon

siteseer said...

MM doesn't want me near a childrens clothing store. I love the childrens place outlet mall up in Howell. It's dangerously close lol