08 March 2011

A Nudge in the Right Direction

Luckily one of the things on my 'MUST be done' list for tomorrow is grocery shopping. It's not shopping for fun or anything, but maybe a teeny bit of retail therapy will make tomorrow a little more cheery.

And on that note, any suggestions for yummy recipes I can try? Hubby doesn't like any seafood, so that's out. I'm just not inspired to cook the same old stuff. I feel like a total moron in the kitchen, so half the recipes I see that I think look good, mention stuff that I would have NO IDEA where to find at the market. I'd be like the single guy looking for the toast aisle.

I did get a lot of old stuff cleared out of the fridge today so I'm ready to add some fresh new munchies, now it's just a matter of deciding what....

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siteseer said...

I'm ready for some easy stuff... tuna noodle casserole, nacho dip and chips... pot of chili today... potato soup.. mmm chicken tortilla soup. Okay, I'm hungry. Actually today is left over meatloaf that I took out of the freezer, mash up some potatoes and heat up some gravy. I'll find some kind of vegetable to open up. Quick and easy... the work has already been done.