01 February 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Yes, we're expecting snow. We heard everyone say it the first two hundred fifty times.

I'm so happy that one of my two pizza kits arrived today. And that my friend Tami even delivered it tonight! She said she had to do it so she wouldn't hear on the news that we'd starved. Then she would've felt guilty. ;) That and she didn't have room to store it in her freezer.

Yay! I just got my first RSVP for my bra party next weekend. I always panic when I throw parties that no one will show up, or maybe everyone will show up and I won't have enough room. It ends up being pointless stress, and we always have a good time.

I just now realized it's February. Even though I posted, "Rabbit Rabbit," for good luck this morning, it apparently didn't sink in for me. Time to get organized to do business in February!

I'm thinking Maggie and I may need another movie and popcorn night tonight. And I got some Rock N Rye soda so I can have that with my popcorn and still sleep soundly tonight. Go, me!

Dear hubby: Is the lack of posts what you were inquiring about when you said, "What's wrong with your blogs?" Just checkin.

1 comment:

Bayley said...

Yup, I was just hoping to see more pictures of my girls either here or on your 365. :(