13 January 2011

Tick Tock!

Do you work best under pressure? Tomorrow is the last day to enter for my current giveaway!

I had a friend say she didn't need any of 'those' products. I'll tell all of you what I told her: It's not just stuff to hide from your kids! There are also candles, massage stuff, books and DVDs (I started to say videos - does that make me old?). My point is, there's a lot of different stuff available, and the gift card could be yours to spend as you wish. Go check out the site (without the kids looking over your shoulder!) before you say no way!

I'd like to do more giveaways - show me that you're all interested ;)


delsinger said...

I swear, I'll donate it to charity!

Tammy said...

Who won. I was going to buy the stuff I don't want the kid's to see. Bad me!!!!!

siteseer said...

I like Delsinger's comment - that's my answer too lol