28 January 2011

Look at Me!

I was so excited this afternoon! They started saying they were recognizing the consistency achievers. We already had ribbons on our nametags for selling $1000 each month since July, but now they were having everyone come up on stage and presenting us with a gift certificate for some logo clothing products from Lands' End. I turned to the woman I met yesterday and asked if she could take my picture when I went up there so I could send it to my husband right away (there was also a professional photographer taking pictures).

They went through two pages of names and I started getting really antsy! Then the announcer said, "Okay," and the slide with the names went away. I was afraid they forgot me! But then she said, "This next group doubled down and did at least $2000 each month." Finally my turn to join the group on stage - there were only five of us to have accomplished $2000 each month since July! Yay!!

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Carolyn said...

how fantastic!! Way to go!!