25 January 2011

Interesting Discoveries

Although I haven't mentioned it as much in the last few days, I'm still working on packing up my office. For now, it's mostly the stuff I don't use daily: some of my craft supplies, old communion invitations, crazy momentos, nostalgic old pictures....

I'd feel so bad throwing most of it away, but what will I really do with it, besides handle it again if we move again? It comes out to see the light of day for an afternoon and evening so I can reminisce and share with my husband, and then it promptly gets packed away again.

1 comment:

siteseer said...

box it up and just put 'open to review before throwing away'. that way if you're just packing up you can just move the box, but if you actually have to have less stuff you can review it again. You know me... I'd just throw it away lol. Guess I'm just like my Mom and you're more like your Dad.