20 January 2011

Getting it Done!

There seems to be a slight lag in some of the thinking surrounding job searches. People looking for work seem to flood the internet (and some of the entrepreneur sites I frequent), but when employers are looking for PHP Programmers, they seem to run an ad in their local paper out of habit from decades ago.

Many jobs don't need a live person sitting in your office. Perhaps you could find a PHP Developers or other technical person who worked from their location. You could save overhead, or even just save the cost of your help wanted ad by searching for those already out there looking for work doing exactly what you need!

The internet should be an employers first stop to find the exact help the need immediately, and at a great value for just a project or two, when you don't really need a 'forever' employee coming in each morning.

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siteseer said...

There's definitely a trend in that direction. At our office they are pretty much just hiring part time. It alleviates insurance costs which are huge. Is it the way of the future?