21 January 2011

Ask Me Anything

I've heard that everyone loves to talk about themselves. Apparently I do ;) Besides doing it all the time on this blog, I'm also one of those people who fill out all the shopper surveys I get in the snail mail (at least if they pay the postage!).

The one I got yesterday had a few interesting questions about death insurance for the members of our family. I have to admit an eyebrow raised at that! I hadn't really thought about death insurance. I assume it has more to do with expenses incurred because of a death, but isn't that the same stuff life insurance covers? From the information I was able to find, I think there's Insurance Information Exchange available with experts to say what really works for a particular family.

Some surveys ask what I know, this one really pointed out what I didn't. Plenty of value either way, I suppose.

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siteseer said...

or you could do like my family lol don't worry about it, let someone else do all the worrying lol