07 January 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I totally lost my head and went looking for a logo-y thingy for this today. Duh. There isn't one.
  2. Maggie woke up crying last night because she didn't know where her earrings were. Yeah. Dream much?
  3. I have the Great Space Coaster song stuck in my head. I don't know why.
  4. Today is Old Rock Day.
  5. Did you enter my giveaway yet? Go do it now! I'm thinking of having another one in a couple weeks, if the response is good...
  6. I really, really try to live in the moment and not wish away the present, but I can't wait til spring. I hate being cold, and I don't like the mess of snow. Right now, for instance, the driveway could probably stand to be cleared of snow, but I despise being cold.
  7. I haven't gotten anything together for scrapbooking tonight. I think I still have pictures sorted out from the last time I scrapped...hopefully I can find them!
  8. I also have to get my catalogs and stuff together for my show tomorrow afternoon, and stuff together for training during my team meeting tomorrow morning!
  9. Maggie really wants to open the new bag of frosted flakes we got at the store the other day, but I keep telling her we have to finish the fruit loops first!
  10. I still have a pair of pants I got for Christmas that I want to exchange for regular length instead of tall (because I definitely don't want to hem!). I should write that into my plan for one day next week...

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