02 December 2010

The Second Day of Christmas

Easy peasy. I still want another pair of diamond studs for my second hole. Well, technically, smaller than the ones I have, so the bigger ones will go in my second holes and the new ones will go in my third holes, but whatever. And I definitely want them screwback again since I leave them in all the time.

I'm honestly not all that much of a jewelry girl (although I can think of at least one more piece of jewelry to include on my list). My diamond earrings really just stay in all the time. I like wearing big hoops for my main holes (especially with my short haircut), but for the rest of the piercings (four total in my left ear and three total in my right), the only way I wear anything is to just leave the pretty little studs in all the time.


Tammy said...

I love your short hair!

siteseer said...

got them on your list :) Don't know what I'm going to do with the list though :)