27 December 2010


It seemed sort of weird having Christmas on a Saturday. I didn't even consider going shopping the day after because it was a Sunday. Sunday is a chill-out day around here. If we go shopping, it's more of a 'bum around at the mall' sort of thing than a 'search for the Prada bag I wanted but didn't get' thing.

I did do a bit of shopping though, I must confess. I ordered the address book I asked for on Amazon, because I'd really like to get my addresses transferred while I have a few return envelopes from received holiday cards handy. And I ordered some color copies for the January specials with my chocolate work. Unfortunately I ordered the copies a day late! I knew there was a discount around the holiday, but it ended Christmas day and I didn't even try to take care of it til the day after. Oh well! Luckily it wasn't a very big order.

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siteseer said...

I went out to a few stores, but came home empty handed. There was nothing I needed.