13 December 2010

Going to See Santa - A Guest Post

Content by Sol Rosales

My children always find the time to remind me that I have to take them to see Santa around the holidays. Once Thanksgiving is over, their immediately focused on their trip to see Santa. Sometimes I think they are more excited about going to see Santa than opening gifts on Christmas Day, ok maybe I won't go that far!

I take my kids to see Santa but every year we visit him in a different location. Last year I took them to the 4h center in Vanderburgh Indiana because it is free and my kids have more fun there than they do in places where I spend lots of money. I will probably take them there this year as well.

You get to take pictures of Santa and visit him in the workshop for a few dollars but it's worth it and even better is the display of Christmas lights that are set up every year. I also make sure that my kids are available to attend the dinner with Santa which was like only five dollars. My kids were so excited that they barely ate.

When me and my kids are out visiting Santa and taking pictures so every year I make sure I set my home security alarm from Home-alarm-systems.com/ so that our beloved things will be safe until we make it home.

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