08 December 2010

The Eighth Day of Christmas

As I start building up the motivation to bake cookies for the cookie exchange I'm attending this weekend, I finally thought of something for my wish list.

More cooling racks. The one I have so far is from Pampered Chef, but I'm really not all that picky. It isn't something I'll use super often, but it takes no room to store when folded up, so it would be nice to have another one or two around :)

The cookies I'm making (probably in the middle of the night, since that's when things tend to finally get accomplished by me!) are simple spritz cookies, but then I'm going to spread tempered chocolate on the bottoms of half of them and set them on Dove's fancy cocoa-butter transfer sheets, so they'll have nice pictures on them. And you can never go wrong by adding chocolate to something, right?

1 comment:

siteseer said...

I'm thinking of making cookies this weekend too. Not as fancy as your's though.