21 November 2010

Yay Norah Jones!

I recently had the opportunity to review a very unique album. It's Norah Jones' new album ...Featuring! I really enjoyed a few of the tracks - especially Baby It's Cold Outside with Willy Nelson, Creepin' In with Dolly Parton, and Love Me with The Little Willies to name just a few. Because it was a collection of tracks spanning her entire career and featuring her with some totally different legends such as Ray Charles, OutKast, Foo Fighters and Q-Tip, the variety included something for everyone. Since some of the artists aren't ones I would usually listen to, I heard some voices I wasn't familiar with before, and a few I may leave off my iPod when I set up my listening for later ;)

Norah Jones is definitely a very talented artist, and I've loved her music for years. This collection really showed an even wider span of her ability to perform some very versatile selections! I'd love to see more artists explore their range with collaborations, duets and cool cameos like this.

Thanks for a fun and entertaining album, Norah Jones and friends ;)

My review is my personal opinion. I received a copy of the CD to review, and I am entering to win a gift card through One2One Network by participating.

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