04 November 2010

Thursday Thunks

Today's questions are brought to you by the color purple, witches' brooms, the number 800-555-1000, and hootin' anni.

1] We all love snuggly things, right? In your own words, explain how the "X" and "O" became symbols for kisses and hugs! Well, the O is easier because it looks like the circle your arms make. The X is pretty freeform for the pucker of your lips in a kiss. Good enough?

2] Besides eliminating sticks, what would you put in a non-stick pan? I'm usually more concerned with the size of the pan matching my needs than the stick or non-stick-ness.

3] x=y over pi squared. What are your thoughts on crematoriums having discounts on those that die in fires? Makes sense to me! But good luck to their marketing department trying to promote that one!

4] Tongue twisters are fun...but, it's torture to try to say lisp with that "s" in the word. What is your favorite tongue twister? Risque answers get extra credit!I have a hard time talking about Dove's Cappuccino Biscottini during my shows - I hope you don't mean a tongue twister with more than two words!

5] Cold weather is coming up. If it's zero degrees Fahrenheit, and tomorrow night it's predicted to be twice as cold, what temperature will it be? As long as the furnace is still on in my house, luckily it doesn't matter! (But I'm sure my husband could answer the actual question without much thought!)

6] Your significant other is upset with you, would you rather be skating on thin ice or be in hot water? Why? Hot water, definitely. I hate walking on eggshells and trying not to reach that point. I'd rather just take the beating and be done with it.

7] What's worse, expecting the unexpected or being a wise guy? Worse? I don't interpret those as very similar. And I usually go for both.

8] What brand of vacuum cleaner sucks the best? Mine really sucks!!! We've got the Dyson animal one and have been pretty happy with it. Nevermind the brand, a new one of anything is always best!

9] How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire? Do you like playing with fire? So true...I used to like playing with fire, but now I'm pretty busy setting a good example for my three-year-old, so I can't remember the last time I gave a fire a good poking with a stick.

10] Toys R us...what was your favorite toy? I have fond memories of cooking over a light bulb with my easy bake oven.

11] Halloween is near...let's go grave robbing....what would you like to find? Well - here's the question that made me realize Thursday Thunks is slacking - these are from last week! But I'm more than half way done, so I'll finish anyway. I'd like to not find dirt under my fingernails. I hate dirt under my fingernails.

12] Do you wake up or open your eyes first? Probably wake up. I think. I'll try to double check tomorrow, because I'm definitely awake already today.

13] What mask would you wear to a Halloween Party? Masks are usually so uncomfortable. I'd probably go for one of those old-fashioned looking just-the-eyes mask, know what I mean?

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