11 November 2010

Start Wishing...

I'm getting ready to do my 12 Days of Christmas posts again pretty soon :) I've been trying to keep an eye out for things Maggie and I can ask for as gifts, when people ask for suggestions. Maggie is getting to an age where she's pretty, well, outspoken. As she watches TV in the other room, I can hear her yelling, "I want that!" Yes, marking works ;)

I've got a few things kicking around, and yesterday I was reminded that I need a pair of new shoes or boots for everyday wear. I never have any fancy mbt shoes or anything, but the ones I have now are starting to fall apart. I believe I picked them out when I was pregnant with Maggie, or shortly after. They're canvas, so my feet end up wet whenever it rains or snows :( I'll need to start keeping an eye out for a good pair to add to my wish list.

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