29 November 2010

Let the Shopping Commence!

I'm still working on my holiday wish list. A couple weeks ago, I thought I'd found a dress I would love with some awesome tall women's boots, but the dress just didn't fit right. Unfortunately, this didn't satisfy my craving for new footwear! I'm now back to square one for a dress, but have seen lots of Doc Martens that would look fabulous with anything!

I think some women like sexy heels, but some of us will always be drawn to (and quite attractive in) something a little sturdier. I still have my first pair of fantastic knee-high boots. I got them at the mall and probably paid way too much, until you figure in how long I've been wearing them. They've served me well with mini-dresses, jeans, and even on a few hour motorcycle ride in the rain (not that I'd recommend such an adventure, but the boots held up!).

Now I've just got to narrow down my wish list, but I'm sure I'll be adding a new pair of boots to my list of possible dream items this year.

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siteseer said...

Finding the right fit is gift enough isn't it? :)