09 November 2010

Keep Planning!

Wow! It's hard to believe I only have three more days I'll schedule work between now and the end of the year - that's busy!!

My next 'push' is for January, but only through the 26th, since I'm going to conference in Vegas after that! And I imagine the whole family will be looking for Disney World hotels or somewhere else fun in February or March ;)

I somehow keep thinking that I'll have a 'full' month coming up and I'll make it a good one, but I keep turning my shortened months into good ones because I know what I'm working around. This month, for instance, I'm not working the week of Thanksgiving, and then crossed myself off til the first of December. December I'm really trying hard to book full until our holiday delivery cut-off of December 12. But then I'm taking off til the first of the year! Glad my boss (ME!) is so nice about me taking lots of time to enjoy my family!

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