28 November 2010

The Internet is My Friend

Of all the fun tasks I have lately, I'm getting ready to start researching and writing my 12 Days of Christmas posts. I think this is my third year so far - I write a post each day for the first twelve days of December covering gifts I'd like to receive :) It's worked out really well for me. Sometimes I uncover stuff I didn't even know I wanted, and my family who read the site would never have guessed! I never know for sure what I'm getting, but it's nice to have given explicit 'clues.'

This year I'm looking for a few interesting things that have run through my mind. There are a few items I'd like for around the house, but since we may be moving soon, I'm waiting to see what the house will be like in a couple months! With all that's involved with packing and moving, I'm pretty sure I won't need any help from safe diet pills for women on my list!

What's on your holiday list this year?


siteseer said...

I'm starting a new thing.... if you want it buy it :) I don't think I'm the only one either... a few of my friends do the same thing... go shopping for Christmas and come back with only stuff for themselves lol

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks