27 November 2010


I remember being so terribly annoyed that I can't hold my husband's attention if there's a tv in the room. I don't mean I try to keep him from watching his favorite show or something, but a tv playing anything. For example, he's not a sports guy, but will get sucked into watching a sporting event - for any sport! It used to drive me nuts. Now that Maggie seems to be very similar at times, I take advantage of it.

I love to see TVs set up in a restaurant. It usually means hubby won't be getting annoyed by Maggie interrupting our conversation, and it sometimes means that Maggie will be so sucked in she won't care to interrupt ;) Either way, I'm not arguing with anyone about their manners!

I have friends who say they don't want their kids watching tv while they're eating, even in a restaurant, but I have a feeling they would change their tune if they'd pay more attention to the few minutes of peace they get while their kids were chewing and watching tv with their meal instead of bickering. TV hooked up at the tables in a restaurant could probably deliver them the quietest meal they'd enjoy all week.

While I may be in the minority at least initially, I wish more restaurants would hook up TVs. Sure, there will always be a few without, so we can go out for a romantic evening where my husband may remember I'm at the table, but tv during the meal has its benefits as well.

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Carolyn said...

Ok. I'm not one to argue in comments most of the time. But I have to disagree here. Most families already spend too much time in front of a screen. My own included. Some of my best memories growing up have nothing to do with the TV (except for a few historic moment things) and more to do with things that happened around the kitchen table. How does that happen if there is a TV in the mix? And in a restaurant?