17 November 2010

Hope it Fits!

I finally ordered a dress for myself tonight. I feel like I spend most of my spare change on clothes anymore, but not for me...it's all girls clothing for little miss 'I-want-to-wear-a-dress' every day! I don't remember ever wanting to wear dresses so much. Of course, I think I hate the cold a lot more than she does. My recent memories of favorite dresses (other than summertime) involve super-long flowing black skirts and dresses, layered with thick cotton tights and tall black leather boots :D I'll introduce her to those as soon as I can lure her away from the pink, purple and glitter!

Anyway, the dress I got for myself today is showing a bit of my maturity, and my still-present dread of the cold. It's a purple (guess who chose the color?) sweater dress that will still look great with my thick tights and tall boots.

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siteseer said...

I'm sure it's lovely. I saw a skirt (guess you'd call it that) at Costco, the other day, that was a tutu sort of thing with leggings attached. Very cute, but more than I wanted to spend right then. My cart that time was over $300!!