27 November 2010

Everything on Sale!

I'm definitely not a fan of crazy crowds, so I didn't even attempt to think I'd take advantage of Black Friday sales. And I'm certainly not regretting my decision either. I've been amazed to see all of the different items my friends said they got on sale. Someone posted that they'd gone out in the middle of the night (midnight, 4AM, whenever some wacky sale was starting) to get brakes and tires. Really?

I guess I've always equated Black Friday with toys, clothes and holiday stuff, but I suppose things like Motorcycle Helmets are 'toys' for the right audience. I have to admit I did mean to order a very specific pretty file box on Black Friday, but I flat out forgot. I suppose if you've spent months saving and waiting for HJC Helmets, what may sound like a pretty specific sale to me may be perfect for you :)

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