25 November 2010

Adding it Up

Times they are a changing! So often, I can't figure out if things are getting easier or more complicated. On our drive home from our Thanksgiving celebrations this evening, we saw parking lots full of cars. With the crazy opening hours for Black Friday tomorrow, the already existing traffic at some places was the only way to figure out their hours, short of Graphing linear equations at home to track all these merchants opening today for their early hours tomorrow (see what I mean?).

But it's just another thing the kids sound like they have a better understanding of than I even want! Back when I was in school (no, we didn't ride dinosaurs!), my concerns over a holiday weekend were whether I had to do anything for Algebra 2 before going back to school, or if I would remember the Formula for volume by the time quizzes started up again after break.

I hear of some parents talking about the complicated homework for their kids in 5th grade math or 4th grade math and just shudder! I don't remember having much problem with Adding fractions, but how much have things really changed? Luckily the computer offers lots of options for kids to get help, without just relying on parents like me who have been away from math besides a checkbook for decades already!

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