18 October 2010

Ghoulish Jello - A Guest Post

Thanks for the post from Lynn Guy

Halloween is right around the corner and spooky, freightening movies are on satelite tv from direct.tv/direct-tv-deals.html. This is good because as I was these horror flicks, I'm actually inspired to do some crazy variations on the usual faire of foods.

It was with the movie Monsters vs. Aliens, a cute animated 3D animated movie about, you guess it, monsters and aliens. The very jello-like blob with one eyeball inspired me to think about jello. Blueberry jello. He wiggles and jiggles across the screen in the movie, and I thought it would be perfect for any Halloween party.

Any flavor of jello would work good for this, and tons of variations of addition of fruits can turn the jello into something more frightening. Grapes, for example could make a creepy version of eyeballs. Perfect for Halloween, right? Add some shaved coconut to the jello before it sets to make it even more crazy. Once it has set firmly, it would be great with whipped cream and a very red strawberry topping. If you are really sinister and fiendish, there are gummy hands found in the candy aisle of the grocery store that would be inserted into the jello before it sets. Call it your mad scientist jello if you will. With the addition of some creative foods, the dessert selection can be one that no one would forget.

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