17 October 2010

Ahh...The Reunion

The reunion, as I've said, was better than I expected. There were some people who were good to catch up with, and a couple pleasant surprises of people I'd never really hung out with much in the first place.

And despite my friend's advice in the last post, there were some who didn't seem to have changed much since high school! Sometimes that was all right, but usually it just smacked of immaturity by now.

I have to admit there were a few people who approached us like we were on an interview for management jobs or something. "Hi. I don't remember you from high school, but hi. What do you do?" While some people would say this was an ideal opportunity to talk about my business, in the case that this actual conversation is quoted from, I just said I was a stay-at-home-mom to watch his eyes glaze over so he'd go talk to someone else. I'd almost feel guilty for being so judgmental, but I'm pretty sure he was too drunk to remember it by the time we'd left, much less when he woke up again today.

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siteseer said...

Reunions are always a trip. Glad you had fun.