01 September 2010

Skipping the Rush

I'm yet another person who looks at September and fall as the beginning of the 'new year' instead of January. The start of school has always signaled a change in your grade status, and even a whole new school every few years. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing the bus at the corner again next week. Yes, Michigan doesn't go back to school until after Labor Day!

As I read a lot of folk's shopping success stories, I considered heading out to get Maggie something other than flip-flops. She already has a couple of fall outfits, but no coat or snow boots yet. I'm sure there's some adorable stuff out, and from the sounds of it there are a few good deals, but I hate the idea of spending the money almost as much as I don't want to acknowledge that we'll be seeing snow again before too long!

We considered putting Maggie in preschool this year, since she potty-trained herself a few weeks ago, but I think I'll keep her with me (and a few miscellaneous classes) again this year. While I've got plenty I could do with an extra couple hours a week to myself, I'd miss my shadow too much. I'm listening to friends with older kids talk about how much the miss the little rascals and worry about them at school - they've talked me right out of dropping Maggie off anywhere regularly and made me appreciate her constant presence in my daily life a little more ;)

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siteseer said...

I saw a coat the last time we were at Costco, but I talked myself out of it.... didn't know if you already had one or had plans on a special one. Enjoy her while you can, someday she won't want you around.