22 September 2010

Delicious and Simple Cake

While we were camping over the weekend I tried a new recipe and it turned out great! At a Pampered Chef party a couple months ago, the consultant had made a cake in one of their baking stones, made in the microwave. Of course I didn't write down the recipe at the time, but once I got my deep dish covered baker (which only hostesses can currently purchase) I definitely wanted to try it! After minimal internet searching, I found several similar recipes using the deep dish covered baker or their fluted stone. Here's what we actually did/used:
  • One boxed cake mix and whatever it calls for to make it (we used a red velvet cake)
  • One small container of frosting (we went with cream cheese to complement the red velvet)
We mixed the cake mix (along with the oil, eggs and water its directions called for) right in the stone. Since we were camping, we didn't have an electric mixer, so we just stirred it really well.
After mixing the cake mix, we dropped the frosting by spoonfuls right on top of the cake mix.
The stone containing the cake mix and frosting was put in the microwave for 14 minutes on high.
When it was done, we used hot pads to remove the stone from the microwave and set it on the stove to cool for about 10 - 15 minutes.
Voila! I scooped the cake right out of the deep dish baker to serve, making sure to spoon the melted frosting from the bottom (it sank while cooking!) for everyone. Yum!
I'm thinking it would make a really nice treat at home when we have company as well, and would probably look really cool if dumped onto a serving platter with the gooey frosting running down the sides. Or for any occasion (maybe with a side of best diet pills?) ;)


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siteseer said...

That was definitely a delicious easy cake. I'll have to try it in another kind of casserole dish - don't have that stone.