15 September 2010

Calendar Control

Calendar control is vital to running your own business. But I'm sort of twisted. I love having a calendar that tells me where to be and when. In that way, I love having my own business because it gives me an excuse for being obsessed with my calendar! Having things written down makes them more of a reality, seeing them in black and white and knowing they're my responsibility. If it says to call or visit XYZ, or buy 108R00725, I'll do it. If I'm just counting on myself remembering to accomplish important tasks, whooo doggie. Life has a way of intruding, as I'm sure you know!

What's your best calendar control secret? I had tried rolling my to-do list into my calendar, but it just got too messy. Now I have a calendar for my shows scheduled (where I just cross off days with other obligations), a calendar on the fridge so hubby can see what to expect, and my own little desk calendar where I write the details I need for appointments and clip necessary paperwork or business cards in. I think it's working pretty well for me, but I'd love to know any brilliant secrets I'm missing.

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siteseer said...

I count on my memory..... my life is a lot quieter than yours though