01 September 2010

Another Guest Post - Favorite News Program

Favorite News Program

Thanks for the post, Kathy Shelton

My favorite news program is a local news channel here in Campbellsport Wisconsin, not far from the city of Milwaukee. Fox six wake up news is based in Milwaukee, WI. I love all the anchors on the show. There is Kim Murphy she has been with fox news wake up for over nine years now, I feel like I know her personally. Her co anchors are Nicole Koglin, Shawn Patrick, Gus Gnorski, and Rob Haswell weather.

I just love all these people. They tell the news like it is. Straignt from the heart. They laugh, they cry, and they just are plain good, fun down to earth people. They joke together and well they are just one big happy family. I watch the fox six wakeup news every morning it starts at four-thirty am, yes that's right four-thirty am! It goes until nine am.

When severe weather is in the area I am confident that they will bring me the best weather coverage. I never worry when Rob Haswell is on telling me what is going on with the weather. If you ever get a chance to get to Milwaukee, I highly suggest you get some of the direct tv deals I got and watch this show, you won't be disappointed.

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