17 September 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I'm worrying about my attitude lately.
  2. Still on today's agenda: baking cookies, packing chocolate samples, bathe the baby, shower and dress myself.
  3. Yes, I do believe in setting reachable goals (hey - I didn't make it to the shower yesterday!).
  4. I hate when you see just part of someone's name on Facebook (just skimming instead of reading) and mentally attribute a really weird status update to the wrong person. Although it is kind of amusing...
  5. I'm afraid I've inherited my mother's curse of 'seeing the other side.' There are people I can't even have conversations with because not everything is black and white. I'm going to just walk away from that whole statement now.
  6. Maggie snuggled in and slept with me last night. I really liked it :)
  7. Absolutely all of the stuffed animals my daughter owns are scattered all over her room right now. She says it's a swimming pool. Ooookay.
  8. I wish my nails were done, but there's no way I have time to get them painted and dried and still accomplish everything else I need to today.
  9. I'm rather rushing through this list today. See #2.
  10. I'm quite disappointed in myself over the office this week. I tried really hard, but when it got to the point of moving things, I'm just not strong enough. So there are now piles (neater piles than before, but still piles) of my junk all over the room, and a picture of a new office only in my mind.

1 comment:

siteseer said...

never give up :) You can do anything! Maybe we'll slip in your place for a few minutes on Tuesday to see what we can accomplish :)