12 August 2010


Living just outside Detroit (and married to my husband, who is definitely a car guy), cars are a pretty common topic of conversation around our house. While I usually don't feel like I know much, I've found over time that I actually know more than a lot of my friends. I assume that's just through osmosis since I'm with my husband so much and hear him talking about recent developments with the volvo xc90 or how to recognize a toyota highlander. Yes, he does try to help me spot whatever vehicle we're discussing the next time we might see it. Frankly, I find this much more useful than the guy I used to date who had me memorize sports statistics.

With the internet available to just about everyone now, choosing and comparing cars and trucks is easier than ever! I remember back when I got my first car - what I knew about them was generally from test driving and talking to people I knew. Word of mouth was the fastest way to spread the word about a good (or bad) car. With all the online information available now you can easily compare a ford expedition with the competition, or just see what different options and packages are offered.

My husband found the car I drive now at a dealer in another state. We were very picky about what we wanted, and had decided I definitely needed a GPS. The car with most of the options we wanted and the GPS was available at a dealer in Pennsylvania and my husband found all this out online. He was able to confirm the asking price and finish up negotiations via email and the dealer's website, then flew down to pick up the car! Yay for a resourceful hubby!

Whether you're looking for a VW touareg or any other kind of vehicle, online is the way to at least start your search now!


Tammy said...

I don't know cars. I tell Phil that's a nice looking red car and he then goes on about the car. I just don't care I guess.

siteseer said...

I'm always amazed at how small the world has gotten since the World Wide Web WWW. has taken over. You can find just about anything.. including a car.