28 August 2010

A Post from a Guest Blogger

Shopping For Groceries

Thanks for the guest post by Stanton Johnston

To me shopping for groceries is a pain in the butt. I absolutely loathe shopping. That's why I go as little as possible. It's also why I have such a big grocery bill when I do go to a major grocery store which is about once every two weeks. In between I stop at the little convenient stores for whatever I run out of like milk, pop, chips, and bread. I suppose I shouldn't do that since those little convenient stores are more expensive but I do it anyhow. I'm also not big on coupons. About the only ones I use are the ones that the clerk just happens to see on the side of the food I'm buying as I'm checking out. I know I should take time to clip coupons for the savings but I'm just too busy with my job. With just me in the household there's no one around to complain. When I finally do get around to going on a major shopping spree I'm always careful to set my home security alarm before I leave. I don't want to take a chance on getting robbed and I've got a fortune invested in my computer and gaming system. So I found alarm devices near Virginia Beach . When I do shop I really load up. Meat, produce, canned foods, cleaning stuff and a whole lot more. I like those huge one stop shopping stores.


Tammy said...

I love using coupons. I feel like I won something when I look and see how much I have saved.

siteseer said...

I too hate shopping.... B Boys Mom usually tells me where I can find stuff because she likes shopping.