27 August 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I think it's finally cooling off outside. The air conditioning isn't running, and the temp in the house is actually lower than the set-point. Woo-hoo (for now, in a couple months I'll be talking about how cold it is!).
  2. I'm really in a hole today and having a hard time seeing my way out. I hate having the blues for no reason. It doesn't make em any easier to shake.
  3. Our postal carrier today asked me what Dove was when she had to bring a package to the door. Of course she's seen it on lots of stuff delivered here, but hadn't heard of it. I gave her a catalog :)
  4. I feel bad that all I can ever talk about is my chocolate biz or my daughter. I don't think I exist anymore :( Last night hubby and I actually had a conversation about the book I'm reading.
  5. I can't find one of my gold hoop earrings. So I went with the giant dangley ones instead.
  6. We had a missing sippy cup reappear outside our garage the other day (a friend dropped it off when we weren't home). Now Maggie calls it 'my new cup from Jeremy.'
  7. I'm so glad Maggie still (usually) takes a nap. And doesn't even argue about it much most days. I tell her to pick a toy, and she'll talk me into two or three, then off to dreamland she goes!
  8. I still feel like there's a 300 lb gorilla sitting on me.
  9. I just remembered I also don't have any makeup on yet today. Oops.
  10. Three shows this weekend, plus one to watch - hope it all goes well! (Yup, there's me talking about my chocolate business yet again...)

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siteseer said...

we talk of what we know :) Your life is chocolate and Maggie duh. Wanna start a book club? We can talk about the book we're reading. I know what you mean though. Our worlds just get smaller and smaller sometimes then out of no where it expands again. Just hang in there.