15 July 2010

Two More In (But Not Another Win)

You know how you feel the day after Christmas - when all the build-up and preparation you thought was so important is rendered useless? Yesterday I entered my two chocolate shows from the weekend, and now I feel adrift. I figured I'd feel up still if I won another iPad, but no dice, unfortunately.

I did get the satisfaction of the shows (mostly) balancing. It's so hard servicing a bunch of customers as quickly as possible and maintaining accuracy. Sometimes they write down a different price than the item they want lists, or sometimes I figure their total or tax wrong. There's usually something wrong, but I hate to bother people and tell them I'm an idiot and screwed up their order, so I usually just eat it if I shorted myself a bit. And if they paid over, luckily so far they've paid by credit card. Sometimes I wish we had POS systems so everyone could just scan what they wanted and all my paperwork would be magically right :) Maybe they could easily save their wish lists too, like when you register for a baby or wedding at a major department store? Although I'd just have to scan the whole catalog! Hahahaha...

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siteseer said...

ah, but once it was scanned the work would be done.