14 July 2010

Planning a Big Trip?

I was talking to one of my chocolate party hostesses the other day about a big trip she's considering planning. Her family is considering going to Alaska with their RV, or getting to Alaska and then renting an RV to travel around and see parts of the state. I felt like I was knowledgeable to converse on the subject, although the trip was nothing I'd tackle on my own (especially as a parent of a toddler!).

My parents started off my dad's retirement with an RV trip to Alaska. They spent months planning their route, reading websites and magazines about other peoples' trips, checking the legality of driving through Canada for part of their trip (what could they bring - or not bring - across the border), looking into 5th wheel warranty information, and even stuff that may seem petty like what different weather and stuff they'd be dealing with. And even with all the preparation, every trip still has its unique surprises!

We still talk about my parents' three-month journey to and back from the great beyond. They saw a lot of things that I'll probably never see other than through their eyes. I think every time someone visits their house, they spend at least a few minutes watching the pictures go by on their digital picture frame. It's stuff you just don't see anywhere else! I'm glad they brought the memories and pictures back to share with us!

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siteseer said...

I'm following a couple of blogs now of people in Alaska right now. It really brings back lots of memories.... I'm ready to go again.