11 July 2010

My Water Baby

We just got back from a super fun afternoon at a friend's BBQ and pool party. Maggie had a great time in the water! I wasn't sure at first, as most of the pools she's been to have been the community in-ground ones where you can sort of walk in. At our friend's above-ground pool she was in someone's arms or on a beach float someone was holding the whole time. She and daddy went in before we ate, and she made a new friend (the 17-year-old daughter of another friend) who she coaxed to take her back after we ate. That's my charming girl! I really liked the set up at my friend's. You don't expect the yard to be that big when you first arrive, but the pool was back behind the garage. Luckily there were a few smokers who aren't into the electronic cigarettes yet, so they stood alongside the garage and could see that my little girl wasn't hanging around the pool when we weren't with her. I'm so glad Maggie enjoyed the water so much :)

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siteseer said...

she looks like she had a great time. Glad she likes the water