30 May 2010


I know a lot of people think of grilling out (and feeling guilty because it's certainly not the best fat burner) on a holiday weekend, but we just stopped for a late lunch at one of my favorite restaurants on the way home. Yeah - we came home early from our day at the beach house because there's a lot to do at home! Hubby's out working on the boat again already...Hope he can get what he wants from it this year!

I'm inside enjoying the air conditioning and my food coma! I had a fabulous piece of great lakes whitefish, with fresh green beans and awesome spicy bread. I could eat there every day if it wasn't an hour away....

And having lunch that late means I'm having no thoughts whatsoever about dinner!

What's treating your palate this holiday weekend?

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siteseer said...

we stopped yesterday on the way home and I had a couple slices of pizza then I too was in no way going to fix anything again that day.... okay, maybe we had a dish of ice cream :)