25 May 2010

What's it Worth?

Today at a toddler music class, the other mothers and I were comparing our toe-nails. Okay, no hardcore 'comparison,' but I think the other ladies were mildly (very mildly) impressed that my toenails were painted. I explained to them that while I paid for it myself, the time to get a pedicure was part of my Mothers' Day :) Maggie and I also went to a fairie tea that afternoon. Luckily our gallivanting around gave hubby time to make me another wonderful Mothers' Day video that we all love.

Next month is Fathers' Day, of course. I'm searching for the guide to Father's wish list (although Maggie definitely calls him Daddy). I don't have hubby's mad skillz to make something as impressive as his videos.

What are you getting for your dad, or for your kids' dad, for fathers' day next month?

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The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

So far the kids have made plates for daddy. (They put their hand prints and wrote on a sheet of paper that is being sent away to be made into plates.)

But I need to do something more, I think. Daddy and the kids got me a nice bracelet for Mother's Day so I need to do something special.